Firechill | The Magic Stick Dancer


Ora: Out of this World

Photo by Erron Ocampo

Hiwaga: Wonder beyond Imagination

Photo by Erron Ocampo, Makeup by Cris Joyosa, Costume by SulsiMNL

I enjoy training… a lot!

Photo by Erron Ocampo

Passion is at the core of training

Photo by Erron Ocampo

AGT: Standing in front of the judges

Courtesy of AGT and NBC

Strange One for Cirque du Soleil at Sea’s Syma

Photo by Vincent Lacour for Midi Libre

Ora at Fire Festival Korea

Photo by WaveFilm

Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain

Photo by Yann Le Metayer

For Carousel Productions at Sea on MSC Bellissima

Makeup by Ehrlich Ocampo, Costume by Devil Walking

Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain

Photo by Laurent Bugnet

Surrounded by Light

Photo by Erron Ocampo, Leviwand by MoodHoops

Hoop Wings for Flight

Photo by JB Estrada

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