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Combining different disciplines to create a truly unique art form

Ehrlich “Firechill” Ocampo has always loved the performing arts. He has studied dance, magic illusions, flow arts, object manipulation and circus acrobatics to create his own unique performing style.

It took him years to bring these different disciplines together smoothly, but it’s paid off. Even veteran talent show judges like Howie Mandel (America’s Got Talent) were blown away with his performance.

“That is an art form we’ve never seen before. And I’ve been here a long time, that was beautiful. I love it!” he gushes.

Youtube comments on his AGT audition are similarly impressed:

“As a magician, I know the basics of the trick but his presentation is so incredibly elegant with not even one wasted movement, all to be made to look effortless! WOW!” – Billy

“This is one of the most magically elegant things I’ve ever seen” – Shriya


When I saw Ehrlich perform, I was so impressed by the artistic and technical aspects of this art form. It was a very original combination of disciplines, bringing together dance, acrobatics, and magic.

Giulio Scatola

Creative Director & Choreographer

Ehrlich is the dream artist any manager is dreaming of. He’s always professional, attentive to detail, and always working towards improving every aspect of his work. You truly believe he’s displaying super powers.

David Poulin

Director for Creation, Cirque du Soleil at Sea


I didn’t expect that he’s a Filipino. But I’m more than proud. That’s something unique compared to what the world has known the Philippines’ singers and dancers (for). That’s spectacular, too! Mabuhay at laban! 🇵🇭

Vincent Navarez

via Youtube

👏👏👏 standing ovation! You make it look so easy. I don’t think people realize how difficult this is. Way to represent for the flow community!!

Lem Sizzle

via Instagram

It was amazing!!! You serious have such a stage presence. And your leaps 😍 truly amazing performance!! It was so heart warming to see the audience and judges give you that standing applause!

Erica Clarke

via Instagram


Passion for Performing

Performing has always been part of Ehrlich’s life. He started as a dancer and cheerleader in high school and college. After that, he did theater at Repertory Philippines and Dulaang UP. These stints added stage presence, theatricality and storytelling to his dance and gymnastics skills.

On a work trip in Boracay, Ehrlich discovered fire dancing. This led to him taking up flow arts and object manipulation. After working with many different objects, he fell in love with the leviwand. To him, it felt like finding a lost soulmate.

Ehrlich then created his unique spin to the leviwand by seamlessly weaving his dance and theater training into it. This new style defied established conventions. Thankfully, there were places that embraced innovative performers like him: the international circus scene.

Passion for Creating the Future of Leviwand

The leviwand changed Ehrlich’s life completely. It’s such a hypnotic art, one that brings joy to everyone who sees it. But since it’s a fairly new discipline, there’s not much resources that performers can turn to in order to learn it.

That’s why Ehrlich created www.Leviwand.Dance. It’s the resource site he wished he had when he was just starting out as a leviwand artist. He also created the online course, “Ehrlich’s Leviwand Method” that shares the secrets to how he’s able to create beautiful, flowing movements with it. These are the same techniques that wowed international audiences and even seasoned talent show judges.

Passion for Filipino Talent

Ehrlich is an advocate for Filipino talent. He believes our performers are just as good, if not better than those abroad. This is because Filipinos are used to rising above challenges. With better support in the form of facilities, instruction, mentoring and opportunities, more aspiring talents can be developed into world-class performers.

Ehrlich aims to see more Pinoy artists on the world stage. This goal pushes him to give his best every time he performs. He hopes to inspire the next generation of talent to follow their dreams, in the same way his mentors have done for him.

If you are someone who shares the same advocacy, send us a message and let’s see how we can help create better opportunities for Filipino performers.

Performing Background

Ehrlich started making a name for himself through teaching and performing in these places:

In 2014, he became part of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil’s database thanks to his Leviwand, Hula Hoop and Fire acts. Two years later, Ehrlich introduced his unique leviwand performance in the prestigious 37th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain (World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow) in Paris, France.

He’s also done stints in Okada Manila’s World of Wonders Entertainment Team (2016-2018), performed on a cruise ship on the Cirque du Soleil stage Syma (2019-2020), and is now currently working for MSC Cruises Entertainment (2021).

Other Activities

Ehrlich is a tireless creative. When he’s not performing, he’s busy with:

Leviwand Dance

An online blog and resource center for all things leviwand. It covers the fundamentals, as well as advanced techniques. Visit to know more.

Teaching and Coaching

Ehrlich is passionate about teaching the techniques he pioneered with the leviwand. He does consultations, training and career guidance to performers who aspire to reach the world stage.

He’s also conducted motivational talks to various audiences. By drawing from his experiences, he hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams. His 2019 talk “Dreamer to Creator,” covers his story of rising above humble beginnings to become a must-see attraction to circus fans abroad.

Personal Art

Ehrlich also expresses himself through non-performance art. He writes and creates visuals on his personal blog

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