Firechill | The Magic Stick Dancer

Firechill and his Leviwand

Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

Combining magic, dance acrobatics and theatrics in one mind-blowing act, Ehrlich Ocampo—known onstage as Firechill—is a proud Filipino artist trailblazing in the world entertainment stage with this new performing art form.

We are taking you on an adventure through solid, delightful, professional performances unlike anything you’ve seen before. Pushing the envelope of the Filipino talent, we hope to provide opportunities for young performers through synergies, training, and support.

With his roots in the performing arts studying dance, magic illusions, flow arts and more, the pioneering Leviwand performer from the Philippines is poised to elevate this art form to new heights. Levitate with us today!

Firechill and Leviwand at a Glance

As Seen On

Beautiful and flawless. That was a very special show, and it was different than anything I’ve seen.

Sofia Vergara

That is an art form that I don’t think we’ve seen, and I’ve been here for a long time. That was beautiful! I loved it.

Howie Mandel

You are mesmerizing to watch… you move so beautifully and elegant. You are incredible. I loved it! It’s very unique.

Heidi Klum

The fact that you’ve got to guts to do what you’ve done, it means in life you’re gonna do amazing. All the hours that went into this paid off. Fantastic! Well done!

Simon Cowell

Highly Recommended

His act (Leviwand) is stunning and mesmerizing. At first, you truly believe he’s displaying super powers as the wand is floating magically in mid-air around his body. Then the grace and fluidity of the act takes over as you watch in awe the precision and the timing of the routine.

David Poulin

Director of Creation for Cirque du Soleil at Sea

I was fairly new to the world of leviwand when I decided to cast artists for my shows in Manila. When I saw Ehrlich perform I was so impressed by the artistic and technical aspects of this art form. A combination of dance, acrobatics, magic all done with incredible musicality and attention to details. It was the discovery of a magical exploration of space and a very original combination of disciplines.

Giulio Scatola

Creative Director & Choreographer

Long before casting Ehrlich in our cruise-ship shows, I was fascinated with his videos, and it had always been a dream of mine to find him a place in one of my stories. Obviously the leviwand act turned out to be a crowd favorite, but most importantly, working with him through an intense creation process was so fun and easy!

Benjamin Dupont

Former Show Director at Cirque du Soleil

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